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Bridgestone Announces 2018 Motorsport Plan

Bridgestone Corporation (Bridgestone) today announced its 2018 motorsport plan. Bridgestone implements branding and marketing initiatives through various sports events.

Among these initiatives, Bridgestone views motorsports initiatives as forming an important communication platform that is directly linked to its tire business.

In 2018, Bridgestone will continue to be involved in various motorsports, ranging from top-level races to grassroots motorsports participated in by amateurs. The company hopes that their involvement in these events will help them contribute to the cultivation of a more enjoyable motoring culture and to the development of motorsports together with automobile manufacturers and other related parties.

In Japan, Bridgestone will supply tires to teams competing in the SUPER GT Series of car races as well as in the All Japan Road Race Championship and the Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Race motorcycle races. Looking overseas, we will supply tires to teams participating in the Endurance World Championship (EWC), the world's foremost series of endurance motorcycle races, which is sponsored by Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) and takes place in Europe and other locations. In addition, the Company will continue as sole tire supplier of the Verizon IndyCar® Series for the 19th consecutive season. The series is currently held in North America. Bridgestone is working to enhance its tire development capabilities through its involvement in these top-level races, which see fierce competition.

Bridgestone also supports various grassroots motorsports, including the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing 86/BRZ Race, the ROADSTER Party Race III, and the All-Japan Gymkhana Championship, all of which are held in Japan. These are some examples of Bridgestone's activities to increase the number of car fans. In addition, Bridgestone continues to supply tires to a team competing in the N?rburgring 24 Hours Endurance Race, which is held in Germany and gathers crowds of more than 200,000 spectators. By supplying tires to these grassroots motorsports, Bridgestone hopes to deliver enjoyable driving experiences.

Bridgestone will primarily supply POTENZA brand tires for car races and BATTLAX brand tires for motorcycle races to support the teams, drivers, and riders.

To communicate the pleasure of cars and motorcycles to many people through these motorsport activities, Bridgestone will hold events both inside and outside of racing circuits and provide information via its website and social media.